Why Haven’t People With Neck Pain Been Told These Facts? Why Haven’t People Who’ve Had A Car Wreck Been Told These Facts? Which Of These Neuropathy Symptoms Do You Suffer From? Are Headaches Controlling Your Life?

Welcome to Carolina Pro Wellness

The chiropractic care you will receive at Carolina Pro-Wellness is the best in the Upstate. We do this by giving the patient the option of what technique they prefer. We do the the manual/ hand on technique that is traditional in chiropractic or a new-age instrument technique. This instrument tapes the vertebra back in to the proper alignment with out the need of twisting and popping. All you feel is a light vibration. This technique was developed for the patient who is not use to chiropractic care and is afraid of the twisting but still wants the chiropractic benefits. Besides receiving great chiropractic care you will also receive state of the art deep muscle therapy and rehabilitation to resolve other joint related problems throught the body. We accept all insurance and have a great cash plan. We can even set up a monthly payment plans. Here at Carolina Pro-Wellness our mission is to get you feeling better and to stay better longer. So don't forget "We got your BACK!"