Pro-Adjuster Technique
This technique is a state of the art technique that allows for the adjustment of the spine without turning, twisting or popping.  The adjustment fells like a light vibration to allow a non-invasive chiropractic treatment.  This technique was designed after NASA’s technology of testing the slight movement in the ceramic plates on the space shuttle that had a problem of falling off during flight.  This computerized tool is able to sense the slight movement of the spine.  Since the vertebra becomes locked up when out of position.  This machine along with the trained doctor can sense the exact vertebrae that are misaligned and adjust the motionless vertebra with the same tool.  As the Pro-Adjuster adjusts the vertebra it is sensing the movement and as soon as it reads that the vertebra is moving correctly it automatically turns off.  This machine gives you the perfect chiropractic adjustment.  I’m proud to be the only chiropractor in Simpsonville to offer this technique.

Gonstead Technique
It is a specialized practice of adjusting the vertebra to achieve maximum repositioning of the bone to problematic cases.  You may recognize it by laying the patient on their side and crossing their legs to adjust the pelvis or the adjustment of the neck in the seated position.

Diversified Technique
This is the basic technique taught at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC.  This is the technique that most people have received if you have ever been adjusted in the area due to the fact of so many Sherman graduates.  This is a manual technique that deals with adjusting the spine by hand to relieve the interference to nerves that cause problems to your organ systems and pain.

Arthro-Stim Technique
It is a machine like the Pro-Adjuster, but doesn’t have the computer to recognize the movement of the vertebra.  The discretion is made by the chiropractor and can be used on other joint of the body such as shoulders, ribs, knees, jaw, sinus, and many other extremity joints.

Trigger point Therapy:
This is a method of deep tissue massage that is used before the adjustment to relax the muscles next to the spine so the bones can move.  Trigger points are situated throughout your body at points of stress and can knot up muscles and hold toxins.  That is why it is important to drink plenty of water after an adjustment so that you can flush out the toxins.

Cox Flexion Distraction Technique:
This is a method of stretching out the lower back.  Disc problems and nerve encroachments that cause radiating pain into the legs can be resolved with this technique.  It can also be used to help reverse the rotation of the spine caused by a scoliosis.

Cervical Traction:
This is used to stretch discs that have been compressed in the neck to stop radiating pains and numbness that goes into the arms.

In-House X-rays
Unlike other chiropractic offices around the area Carolina Pro-wellness has an x-ray machine in the office so that you do not need another appointment at a medical clinic for the x-rays.  Or, receive an adjustment without the diagnostic proof that and adjustment will not cause the patient any harm.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation
This is used to release the tight muscles of the back so that they will not pull the vertebrae out of alignment.  This also desensitizes the nerves so pain is not felt.

This therapy is used to treat deep problems that are causing excessive pain.  It consists of crystals that vibrate at supersonic speeds and drive the vibration deep into your body.  This vibration turns into friction in your body causing heat.  This heat brings blood flow to the area to heal thing such as inflamed joints, break up scar tissue, or even treat bursitis.

Inter-segmental Traction (Human Touch Chairs)
This a top of the line massage chair that focuses on the muscles of the spine to relax the muscles so that they don’t put the newly adjusted vertebra back out of place.  It does 4 different types of deep tissue massage to achieve the best results.

Nutritional Supplements (Mona-Vie)
This nutritional vitamin is in a liquid form to promote proper absorption and get you the maximum nutrition your body needs.  Not only does this have the essential vitamins your body needs for proper function but also things like Omega-3 fatty acids that help prevent cancers and glucosamine/ chondroitin that help lubricate and rebuild joints.

Custom Orthodontics (Foot-Levelers)
Carolina Pro-Wellness has a state of the art scanner that can tell us exactly where you are putting too much pressure on the bottom of your feet and loosing arch’s.  We will send your scan to Foot-Levelers and they will send us a customized orthotic to correct your foot problems and stabilize your ankles, knees, hips, and spine.

At home therapy equipment:
These are things like ice packs, Bio-Freeze, TENS units, posture pumps, and exercises to promote activities of daily living.  They are things that will promote wellness at home so that you will feel better quicker and stay better longer.

Ice packs and back braces.